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Victim-wrangling of the (not so) Old West

Recently, my wife and I took a road trip out west. We wanted to get a look at what ski country is like in the summer so we headed to Utah home the Greatness Snow on Earth. As expected we observed innumerable warm weather activities; camping, fishing, white water rafting, etc. And much to our surprise we discovered that it is still possible to go snowmobiling in the mountain passes. Moreover, Park City boosts 450 miles of mountain bike trails.

Making our way to Park City we passed through Provo and Heber City. Then something funny happened. Did I make a wrong turn at Albuquerque? Why are there Pride streamers in a town famous for a commemorative air force that restores and maintains function War World Two aircraft, a historic railroad a Daughter’s of the Pioneers Museum. What’s next drag queen story hour and fly fishing demonstration? Meanwhile, and not to be out done by the Hebe-rites the Park City council passes a Pride resolution.

I go to Park City to experience the great outdoors not to see propaganda banners. Likewise, while having a double scoop at the Dairy Keen (Heber’s iconic ice cream joint) I cringe, hope and pray that the little guy does not say, “Hey, grandpa what’s gay pride in the Wasatch Back (east side of the mountain range)?”

“Political pandering for forty Alex. The answer is: Band-wagoners, victim-wranglers and the compliant. What are city councils that draft Pride proclamations?” Cities, counties, school boards and other elected bodies ought to be directing their attention to their appropriate obligations; potholes, chalk boards, public safety and the like.

A Johns Hopkins study concludes there is no gay gene. Moreover, the hateful facts also dispelled the validity of the other 3 or 4 letters and even the plus sign. Lawsuit at 11, Sylvia.

Biology and chosen lifestyle aside, The Community is not a minority group nor is it a civil rights plight. It is an overt political action group, similar to Black Lives Matter and Antifa. It is a political action group that strikes fear in the average group-thinking, socialist leaning elected official who will readily kowtow and illuminate the virtue signal even if there is the slightest perception of disfavor.

Proof. Show me who you cannot criticize and I’ll show you your master. Infallibility is the cornerstone of a tyrant be it King George III, Joseph Stalin or Saddam Hussein. Black Lives Matter, the Islamists, Antifa and The Community are united in an unholy and bizarre alliance dubbed inter-sectionalism (GOT LINDA SANSUR?). Simply put, inter-sectionalism is against just about everything (Hey hey ho ho Western Civ has got to go).

Tolerance means to “put up with,” yet if the Gaystapo (and the public officials that love them) is/are not embraced, endorsed and adored it is you who are wrong and the likely recipient of a boycott, a demotion or job loss. Just ask the florist the baker or the picture taker.

My chief remonstrance is not toward behind closed doors proclivities or the practitioners thereof; what I find to be an egregious misuse of authority is when public servants to chose a pet constituency. It is time give a little push-back folks. “We’re here, we’re normal, we’re patriots get used to us.”

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