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Dial “T” for …Islamist and Arson

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

 Firefighters douse flames rising from the roof at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris on April 15, 2019. Ludovic Marin—AFP/Getty Images
Ludovic MarinAFP/Getty Images Firefighters douse flames rising at Notre-Dame Cathedral April 15, 2019.

1 800 T _ _ _ _ _

When seeking a solution to a problem whether it be how to increase sales of a chicken sandwich, plan an offensive action on the battlefield or identity the culprit at a “Who done it” dinner theater the usual method is Brainstorming. Brainstorming, as in when the shift manager, G3 Plans Major or matradee stands in front of the room with a whiteboard and solicit ideas. He may say something such as, “Give me your ideas no matter how crazy they may seem.” This is a process of distillation whereas nutty thoughts, begat hunches, begat guesses, begat opinions, begat hypothesizes, begat theories resulting in ad campaigns, operational orders or indictments.

HHmm, hhhmm, Oui, oui,

SACRE' BLEU! dis is diffidently an accident.

Now, where is car to take to the crime scene ?

The grand Notre Dame Cathedral caught fire on April 15th, a Monday evening, which is the first day of Holy Week, which just happens to be the sixth anniversary of when those appreciative moslem, immigrant brothers, on the dole, attending college free, planted a deadly pressure cooker bomb at the Boston Marathon, the same day and time that the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem's Old City burned and for the piece da resistance, Ines Madina, a practitioner of the cult of peace and love was sentenced in a French court for recruiting jihadists to go to Syria and participate in attacks against France between March 2015 and June 2016. But wait, that’s not all, the youthful and frail moslima is scheduled to be back in court this fall to stand trial for attempted arson. In a temporary period of poor judgment she tried to flick her Bic near a car. The car just happen to be filled with six gas cylinders and darn it anyway, the car was parked kinda sorta near Notre Dame.

ISIS propaganda captioned this photo with " Have a nice day."

Maybe the inferno was an accident. Well that is what the “authorities” want us to believe. In fact, as the holy structure was still ablaze the powers that be concluded that it was an accident. “Nothing to see here, move along.” So what caused the fire? Did Pierre the painter, carelessly flick a cigarette that was still a lit into a pile of rags soaked with thinner or turpentine? Did Colette the master plasterer leave the cappuccino machine plugged in? Or did somebody do something?

I direct you back to the Brainstorming scenario, the “Give me your ideas no matter how crazy they may seem.,” part in particular. This concept does not bode well among the multi-CULTists, main-stream/drive-by media types, academics, other thought policing agents and/or the isLAMBoApologists. To these group-thinking miscreants, unapproved truth equates to hate. For they are the self-anointed gatekeepers of virtue and the sole arbitration authority as to which facts are eschewed and as to which facts are sanctioned.

On FUAX News Neil Cavuto hung up on Catholic League president Bill Donahue during live coverage of the Notre Dame fire. “Well, Neil, if it is an accident, it’s a monumental tragedy. but forgive me for being suspicious.” “Just last month, a 17th century church was set on fire in Paris,” Dr. Donahue continued. “We have seen Tabernacles knocked down, crosses have been torn down, statues have been smashed.” “Bill, we don’t know that, we don’t know,” Cavuto interrupted. “So if we can avoid what your suspicions might be, I do want to look at what happens now.” “Well, first they have to get to the bottom of it, and they will rebuild it, there’s no question about that,” Donahue said, but quickly reverted, telling Cavuto “I’m sorry, when I find out that the Eucharist is being destroyed and excrement is being smeared on crosses, this is what’s going on now.” “Wait a minute Bill, I love you dearly, but we cannot make conjectures about this so thank you, Bill, I’m sorry, thank you very very much,” Cavuto interrupted, dumping the call.

Ditto for Sheppy Smith who pulled the plug when French media analyst, Philippe Karsenty who also serves as an elected councilor for the town of Neuilly-sur-Seine brought-up the fact that over 1,000 churches in France have been desecrated in 2018 alone.

So why did Cavuto and Smith enter the Ostrich Zone? Did Donahue and Karsenty lie or worst, tell the truth? Censored men tell no tales.

French police reported 827 attacks on Christian Churches. There were a dozen church arsons the week before. In a March Newsweek article, Catholic Churches Are Being Desecrated Across France—and Officials Don’t Know Why. Brendan Cole reported that St. Nicholas Catholic Church in Houilles, France, a statue of the Virgin Mary was found smashed, and the altar cross had been thrown on the ground. Saint-Alain Cathedral in Lavaur, an altar cloth was burned and crosses and statues of saints were smashed. The arms of a statue of a crucified Christ were mangled in a mocking manner. In addition, an altar cloth was burned. And in Nimes, near the Spanish border, vandals looted the altar of the church of Notre-Dame des Enfants and smeared a cross with human excrement; consecrated bread was found thrown outside among garbage.

Coincidentally, the Gatestone Institute’s Distinguished Senior Fellow, Raymond Ibrahim penned an article the day before the attack, In European Churches: Vandalized, Defecated On, and Torched "Every Day" In the article he reported of similar defilements. In Germany following the arrival of yet another million mostly moslem migrants, a local newspaper reported that in the town of Dülmen, "'not a day goes by' without attacks on religious statues in the town of less than 50,000 people, and the immediate surrounding area."

Welcome refuges!!

Make bridges not walls. Sign up here for the dole, housing, health care and education. No skills, not willing to work; no problem. Peace and Love.

In France it also seems that where the number of Muslim migrants increases, so do attacks on churches. A January 2017 study revealed that, "Islamist attacks on Christians" in France rose by 38 percent, going from 273 attacks in 2015 to 376 in 2016; the majority occurred during Christmas season and "many of the attacks took place in churches and other places of worship." In virtually every instance of church attacks, authorities and media obfuscate the identity of the vandals. In those rare instances when the moslem (or "migrant") identity of the destroyers is leaked, the perpetrators are then presented as suffering from mental health issues.

A German report only hints as to the identity of perpetrators: "Crosses are broken, altars smashed, Bibles set on fire, baptismal fonts overturned, and the church doors smeared with Islamic expressions like 'allahu akbar.'"

Maybe we should consider entertaining the remotest possibly of there being a 4,000 pound halal elephant in the room.


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