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  • Jerome Ruebenawitz

Alexandria’s "Wetland"

(to the tune of Gilligan's Island)

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,

a tale of commie chick

Earned a 3.2 at Boston College

just to serve cervezas and chips

just to serve cervezas and chips

Her mate is a SJW

a SoyBoy proud and true

The IT guy has lots of bucks he's a Guru The Democrats set sail before election day, For a five borough tour

a five borough tour

The incumbent didn’t really give a shiite yet every door was knocked If not for low voter turn out The Election would be lost The Election would be lost

Our candidate now dwells in midst of the D.C. Swamp with the SoyBoy

The IT Guru

A former TV star, and her wife two jihadists, The Greek gladiator and Kamela Ann Here in AOC’s swampland

So this is the tale of the social democrats they won’t be very long time They have to make the best of things, Because of climate deny The Speaker and her Leader too will do their very best, to make the rank and file comf’terfle As the party marches LEFT!

No planes! No cows! no gas driven motor cars

not a single luxury

I’m on a west bound train to Oahu

with a ditz named AOC

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