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Ilhan Omar: The Democrats’ Victimolgy Trifecta

Ilhan Omar: The Democrats’ Victimolgy Trifecta

Minnesota’s Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar rings three bells in the victim-hood sweepstakes by being 1. African, 2. female and 3.moslem. Geez, if only she liked girls!

Ilhan Omar’s political rise to power is very similar to that of Barrack Obama’s (PBUH) in that it was a prefect storm due to: 1.) The lack of a genuine opponent in her initial foray in to political arena 2.) Being from a district chock full of identity/victim group constituents 3.) State-wide Party support from the usual suspects of self-hatin’, progressive, but very hip white folk.

NBC affiliate KARE of Minneapolis reported on August 29, 2016 -- “Legislative candidate Ilhan Omar's path to the Minnesota House will be even easier, now that her Republican opponent won't be actively campaigning. Fellow Somali immigrant Abdimalik Askar announced on his Twitter feed he has suspended his campaign, citing his wife's pregnancy, the death of his father and the demands of his finishing his doctoral degree in leadership.” Omar was already on the fast track to winning the seat held by Rep. Phyllis Kahn a 44 year incumbent. The Democratic Farm Labor Party primary was a three way race pitting Omar against Kahn, a Physics professor and Mahomud Noor a former Minneapolis School Board member.

Omar’s tenure spanned an entire term, a whopping two years in the Minnesota House where she co-authored one bill that didn’t see the light of day.

Following her stellar performance in the Minnesota Legistlature Omar easily won her seat to the U.S. Congress. Her Republican opponent Jennifer Zielinski, had little name recognition yet Zielinski’s platform supported a robust American-Israeli alliance. Zielinski applauded President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the flawed Iranian nuclear deal and favors continued funding of the Iron Dome missile defense system. She commended President Trump on his courageous decision to recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel, and move our embassy there from Tel Aviv.

Omar’s third merit-less advantage is that Minneapolis is in the Fifth Congressional District, which is uber blue. A Republican hasn't been elected there since 1962. Moreover, “Minnadesou” is one of the top cities for terrorist recruitment and is home to the nearly 60,000 Somali international welfare tourists. In 2016 a report revealed that $20 Million of welfare cash was sent back home to Somalia. A lot of that cash ended up in the wallets of Al Shabaab. Moreover, Omar’s predecessor and trailblazer, is Keith Ellison a fellow practitioner of peace and love who in his spare time beats his girlfriend. Mr. Ellison’s pugilistic endeavors were over-looked by the kind-hardhearted Minnesotan electorate. (“It’s his culture, ya know.”). He now serves the people as the state’s Attorney General.

The bottom line in current day democratic party politics is he, she, zi, ze … who has the most hyphens wins.

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