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President Trump puts American Tech Workers First

Make IT American Again

Americans need not apply is the policy most of America's tech giants. Not only do these treasonous Anti-American companies outsource their manufacturing to China, they outsource their brain power mostly from India. The reason for the treason.

We’re with the government and we’re here to help.

Of course this out-sourcing Nirvana would not be possible without government assistance. The H1B-Visa allows for American companies to bring in foreign workers when suitable applicants cannot be found. The law says that the foreigner must be paid the same wage as the gringo.. Shocker, that is not what happens.

Yes, Aunt Sherril he really said that!

The H1B-Visa Program is part of President Lynn B. Johnson’s 1964/65 Screw American First! doctrine. It included generous welfare increases and allowed for expansive massive immigration of the unskilled and non-European to our shores. LBJ’s evil plot was to Make American Dependent. Why, because Americans were becoming highly self-sufficient. Manufacturing was expending and the jobs paid well. This was the economic boom that followed World War Two. In this era labor union and Democratic Party membership was stagnating if not falling. Johnson’s feared that the party of FDR and the little guy would no longer need an overseer. The children were growing up and the peasants became home owners. In order to keep the democrats in power Johnson created the Welfare Plantation. He stretched FDR’s Social Security safety net into the comfortable collective hammock. This encouraged low wage earners to ponder: Why work?, Why marry? The skilled blue collar American was pink slipped as manufacturing was exiled to China. And the H1B-Visa Program put the nail in the coffin for engineers.

The H1B-Visa Program is rife with corruption. In theory it is to be used just to fill highly skilled vacancies. In practice it replaces Americans with foreigners. Also, the middle-man hiring agencies mostly Indian, get a good piece of the action.

America Sucks!

Bitter Clingers.

Obama (PBUH) was a booster of the H-1B Program as it punished those who didn’t build that and the jobs that were lost, well they’re just not coming back. Florida Senator Lit’l Marco (the RINO) Rubio indifferent to the fact that Disney sacked numerous Floridians wants to expand H-1B. No Russian intrigue here but Mickey colluded with the Indians.

Promises kept.

The Trump administration is cracking down on companies that obtain visas for foreign workers. Some staffing agencies seek hard-to-get H-1B visas for high-skilled workers, only to contract them out to other companies. There's nothing inherently illegal about contracting out visa recipients, but the workers are supposed to maintain a relationship with their employers. In some cases, outsourcing firms flood the system with applicants. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services agency said in a new policy memo released in February requires more information about H-1B workers' employment to ensure the workers are doing what they were hired for.

Mom and the kids too.

During the Obama (PBUH) Regime the H-4 EAD (employment authorization documents) program was devised. The H-4 EAD allows for H-1B workers’ spouse and adult children to obtain employment in the U.S. President Trump’s Buy American, Hire American Executive Order will rescind yet another faucet of Obama’s (PBUH) Manchurian Legacy. That initiative directs the Dept. of Homeland Security to “propose new rules and issue new guidance, to protect the interests of United States workers in the administration of our immigration system through the prevention of fraud or abuse.”

Mister, we can use a man like Calvin Coolidge again.

Shortage, what storage?

Your high school guidance counselor lied. Those who claim there's a STEM skills shortage are ignoring the evidence. 65 percent of employment growth in science jobs went to immigrants, in technology (computer science) 45 percent went to immigrants, in engineering 39 percent, and in math 18 percent. There is no question that immigration has had a very significant impact on STEM occupations over the last decade, especially in science and technology. Moreover, guest workers are shoe-ins for citizenship.

Namaste Hypocrisy.

India leads in textiles. Mohandas Gandhi started the Swadeshi Movement (Homespun, home-woven cloth instead of British factory). Gandhi’s image often had him in a loincloth plying a spinning wheel. Gandhi advocated the exclusive consumption of indigenous made goods to establish India’s autonomy from Great Britain and establish a national identity after independence. Was Gandhi branded an Anglophobe? by Dinesh D'Souza (on Amazon)

Clothing Gandhi's Nation: Homespun and Modern India Annotated Edition by Lisa N. Trivedi

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