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  • Jerome Ruebenawitz

(Fake) Jenny from the Block goes to Washington

I am not taking Big Oil's money, but Globists' money is fine.

The victory of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in Democratic Party Primary for New York’s 14th District is a twist on the classic (Latin) argumentum ad ignorantiam or argument from ignorance. A 26% voter turn-out and an opponent who thought that he had it in the bag helped too. And remember is was the Obamacare drafter Jonathan Gruber, who said, “Yeah, we lied to the stupid American people to get it passed. The lack of transparency is a political advantage.” Similarly Ocasio-Cortez a political unknown, is banking that most of her prospective constituents are low information voters.

Ocasio-Cortez generates more questions than answers. She worked her way through college as a waitress and bartender. In 2011, she graduated from Boston University yet seven years later she is still a barkeep at a taco and tequila bar! Last November she quit to dedicate full-time efforts to the campaign. How does she sustain herself? Surprise, it turns out she is funded by organizations connected to The Young Turks and the Holocaust opportunist George $oros. Ocasio-Cortez, the self-identified community organizer seems to be following the Barry Soetoro template. Ocasio-Cortez even has a Frank Marshall Daviseque commie mentor in the likes of Cynthia Nixon. Nixon (the chick not the tricky) is a shrill politically active lesbian with sights on the New York Governor’s Mansion.

Ocasio-Cortez erects a Jenny from the Block façade and portrays her mother as a single Maid in Manhattan mom. Sadly Ocasio-Cortez lost her dad from cancer when she was 18. It would be more accurate to describe her poor mother as a widow, but the Course Syllabus for Political Victimology 101 dictates usage of the moniker single mother. Ocasio-Cortez claims that mom had to clean rooms and drive a school bus to avoid loosing the family home. So dad, a smart guy who started an architectural firm didn’t have a life insurance policy? The reality is that the homestead which that was purchased for $150K was sold for $355K. Which is enough to keep mom off the Food Stamp rolls.

(If you have any kids enrolled at Boston University you may want to stop what you are doing and call your bank, as you may still be able to put a Stop Payment Order on that tuition check.) Ocasio-Cortez has a degree in Economic and International Relations from Boston U yet she hasn’t the vaguest grasp of either discipline. Moreover, as a tipped service employee for a decade one would expect her to whole-hearty endorse and embrace capitalism. In most cases, the harder you work the bigger the tip. Likewise, to a tipped employee the tax man’s bite is less severe. This may somewhat explain her unicorn approach to taxation policy.

She is a HUUUGGGE proponent of democratic-socialism while she is at a loss to define and reference a time and place of its success. Her solution; use the word democratic as a prefix of the undesirable. For example: The People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic. Gee, pack the beach chairs and grab some sunscreen!

An election victory in November for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez could be a boost for America because it will accelerate the cracking and widen the fissures in the declining and increasing radical and anti-American Democratic Party. Will she cause a schism among the Democrats? Is this a third party in the making? And speaking of Barry Soetoro; past President Obama (PBUH) has not endorsed Ocasio-Cortez.!gallery

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