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Blame America First! (Last, Always, Exclusively and in Perpetuity): Slavery

Mamluk slave cavalry troop

The horrid institution of slavery spared no tribe and affected almost every region of the Earth. Mamluk, is Arabic for slave. Its also refers to men captured by moslem rulers and forced to fight for the sultan in a slave army. The enslaved were mostly, Turkic, Egyptian Copts , Circassians, Abkhazians, Georgians, Albanians, Greeks, and South Slavs. These horrors endured for over 1000 years, from 800 to 1800.

Slavery in the western hemisphere by the European powers extended from South America, the Caribbean islands and most of North America save what has become Canada. The British initiated slavery to the colonies nearly 250 years before there was a United States of America making American slavery an inherited English abomination.

The Atlantic Slave Trade, was from approximately 1500 to 1870. 12.5 million enslaved human beings from Africa had been forced from their homes. Many were sold by African chiefs as prisoners of tribal conquests to Arab and Dutch traders. Two million died during the horrendous passage another two million went to Europe. The Portuguese colony of Brazil received the bulk of the captives about, 4 to 4.9 million souls. The remaining human cargo was received by Spain and the British. Leaving less than 400,000 to land in what today is the United States.

Number of enslaved Africans sent to the New World

In the early 1500s the Portuguese observed that the indigenous people practiced slavery. The conquered tribe was enslaved by the victors. Also noted was the absence of pity and empathy toward slavery, even by the enslaved was astounding! In the subsequent centuries, many freed slaves and descendants of slaves became slave owners. There are estimates that about one third of slave owners were either freed slaves or descendants of slaves.

Flogging of enslaved African in Brazil

Barizilian slave flogging

Portuguese slave labor was the driving force behind the growth of the sugar economy in Brazil. Sugar was the primary export from 1600 to 1650. In 1690 gold and diamonds were discovered. The discovery was disastrous. It sparked an increase in the abduction of Africans for enslavement in the mines.

The Spanish and New World Slavery: Christopher Columbus established the first European colony on the island he named Hispaniola (present-day Haiti and the Dominican Republic). Though Columbus was primarily interested in finding gold, he also callously concluded that welcoming natives known as Taínos could be exploited as slaves.

Christopher Columbus with King Ferdinand and Queen Isabela

Eventually, the colony of New Spain ranged from present-day Montana to Tierra de Fuego and nearly all of the Caribbean. None of its indigenous inhabitants were safe against the Spaniards. Today there are no Taínos. They and scores of other indigenous tribes succumbed into extinction as a result of extreme labor, direct attack and the lack of resistance to European and other diseases, especially malaria.

Spanish atrocities

Mining for silver and gold was the chief forced task. It was discovered that Mercury aids in the smelting of silver. So in addition to the extraction of the precious metals, the highly toxic liquid metal Mercury was added to the list. The gravest horror of this task was that life expectancy of slave miner was as short as four months. Once the Spanish caused genocide of the native peoples exhausted the local slave supply the invaders looked toward Africa.

The cruel irony of a genetic advantage; Africans have greater resistance to malaria than Europeans and the indigenous pre-Columbian Peoples thus reducing the humanity of the Africans in the eyes of the Spanish conquerors into merely a desirous commodity of labor.

The anti-American progressives, democrats and liberals hold America exclusively responsible for slavery. Also, they hold accountable those of the present for the sins of the past. To them redemption and even progress is unobtainable. America is inherently evil.

For the knowledgeable Patriot resistance is quite easy. The cudgel of our enemy is flaccid. Their argument is based on invoking group guilt in an effort to force self-capitation; for the hippest leftist is self-loathing and highly dependent on peer affirmation and tummy rubs. The Viagra to the enemy’s flaccidity are facts and dismissal of the need for group approval. I am who I am and only responsible for my own actions.

1493: Uncovering the New World Columbus Created, By Charles C. Mann

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