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  • Jerome Ruebenawitz

Wong Dress?

Sometimes a dress is just a dress.

The Left makes up words and phrases in a failing effort to promote a failed narrative. Here are a few examples: White Privilege, Global Warming, Undocumented Worker, Gender Fluid……etc.etc.etc.

The word du jour is Culture Appropriation. Used in sentence; In an angry tweet, Jeremy Lam accused a Utah girl of Culture Appropriation.

So who is this SJW, metro, soy boy, cultural absolutist, Jeremy Lam? It seems that Jammie Jeremy is upset that the dress design is of Chinese origin. Therefore, only Chinese girl wear Chinese dress.

Gee, Grasshopper how Chinese can one named “Jeremy” be? Does JeremyOson speak English? Did Chinese invent English? The famous American inventor Thomas Edison was the first to develop a city electric power grid. Do Jeremy use electricity, drive car, fly in plane, eat hamburger?

Anicent Chinese Secret HUH?

After prom how is a silk dress is cleaned? -- Ancient Chinese Secret, HUH?

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