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  • Harry Ruebenawitz

The Passive Catholic Church

"Well, there they go again."

The commonality that leads westerners to convert to islam is incarceration.

My assertion is that the contributing factor as to why moslems are gaining ground politically in America is not because they are so well organized or influential. It is because Americans are accommodating to all and so very nice. Many of us are pathological altruists. We help and welcome others to our own determent. Exacerbating the phenomenon is the fact that the Catholic Church leadership is weak, uninspiring, politically correct and Marxist.

With the Army I went Honduras. My team traveled to orphanages. The Protestant orphanages taught the kids basic skills. Conversely, the priests at the Catholic orphanage had but one solution; obtain Green Cards for the top performing students. Meanwhile, the rest will languish about until they are turned out to the MS 13 infested streets once they turn 18 years old.

Jean-Bertrand Aristide was the president of Haiti. He was ousted by a coup and was later reinstated as the result of U.S. military intervention. Before becoming a populist politician, Aristride was priest of the Salesian Order and as such he is a practitioner of Liberation Theology which to me smells a lot like communism. In ‘09 I had a three week assignment to Haiti. I asked my driver, the son of a Baptist preacher what was the Aristide presidency like. My driver’s analysis was, “He (Aristide) said if you have two cows give your neighbor one. If you have a car take your neighbor to work.”

I learned in Iraq that for political advantage Saddam protected Christians. Then came his execution. Without the secular iron-fisted tyrant in charge, the numerous blood thirsty competing moslem factions had free reign of the nation. In 2003 Iraq was home to 1.5 million Christians today only a fifth remain. So where is the Pope, silent, out organizing another interfaith, multi-cultural, diversity conference? This situation is identical throughout the Middle East and Africa, yet the false Pope remains mute.

Closer to home.. "I didn't leave the Catholic Church the Church left me." Since 2006 or so my mass attendance became less and less. The sermons have became irrelevant and alienating. I worked, paid off my mortgage before 45, taught my kids to swim, bike and ski. Went to teacher conferences, band, sports, ensured they made their beds, did their homework yet the message at mass is: I should welcome, house, clothe, feed, educate and provide health care for illegal aliens and the non-productive Americans who will not stand for my flag or learn my language.

WWJC, What Would Jesus Carry?

Anything goes, don't offend, keep the pews full, celebrate irresponsibility. When high school girls get pregnant they become superstars. No. Let me correct that. The teen pregnancy rate is down. More often it is young women who consciously have a child without any intent of marriage. In many cases this is de facto polygamy as there are multiple pregnancies with different men. These young women gleefully self- enslave to government hand outs.

When young men succumb to violence due to their own views of machismo, self-importance, mega ego the obituary often reads: "He was taken to the Lord, enjoyed hanging with friends and listening to music." Memorial tee shirts are produced as if the gang-banger died on the field of battle in service to a grateful nation.

Everything is said, but the truth. We need our priests to take charge. Dissuade unruly boys at a young age before it is too late. The annual presentation of a free bike and school supplies is not the answer. Being manly is providing for family, not getting another “scary” neck tattoo. Instead of advocating the sanctity of marriage and firmly addressing the current status of societal rot, the Church has abdicated authority to the welfare state.

We must demand of our youth and newcomers, reciprocity, assimilation, self-reliance and respect of our American history, culture and values.

PS, I discovered a more assertive parish.

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