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  • Jerome Ruebenawitz

Tell your Swamp Dwelling Commie-Crat that you Support President Trump

"Their just Children!"


Here is what I wrote to Senators Tommy the Commie Udal and Martin "El Guapo" Heinrich of Nuevo Mexico. Feel free to copy and paste portions as you see fit :

Dear Senator:

I urge you to support my President in his efforts to protect our Nation from the hordes of illiterate welfare tourists and gang members that are headed for our southern border. I am very familiar with the situation in Honduras. I served on a mission to Tegucigalpa as a Civil Affairs Officer ( you know, winning the hearts and minds, teaching them to fish, etc.) with my Army Reserve Unit. It was my duty and pleasure to help Make Honduras Great Again, but I don't want to bring them all here!

Honduras is over run with MS13 narco-terrorists and solicitors of child prostitutes. While the ruins of Copan are fascinating, and most of the merchants, restaurateurs and barkeeps are friendly the country is pretty much a shithole.

In 2014, while doing a story for the Roswell Daily Record I was briefed by Gov. Martinez and state law enforcement officials. This was at the time when the illegal alien darlings were housed at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. It was a known fact that stronger boys were taking liberties and raping their sister "refugees".

I suggest that your Party finds a better way to get future voters.

Solutions to combat Hyper-migration:

1. Build the border wall

2. End welfare for illegals

3. Make E-verify mandatory

4. Maintain a strong military presence on the border

5. Place 20% tax on international wire transfers and money orders and get the US Postal Service out of the aiding and abetting illegals

6. Facilitate the self - defense of Americans by suspending the federal tax on .223 and 5.56 ammunition which most common round used in the modern day musket, the AR-15.

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