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Nat Geo's Cipitulation to Political Correctness, Part II

"Listen here brainless, I'm an official member of National Geographic Society. This magazine is just for us explorers. Some day I'm gonna be a woman, have an affair with Michael Bloomberg, be a SJW, make all the rednecks who voted for Hillary move into the cities, invite moslems terrorists into my country and fight against Global Warming.”


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Let’s review some of the indicator articles under Goldberg’s watch: The worst story in the history of National Geographic Society was in January of 2017. The lead story Gender Revolution was about allowing children to cross-dress. I hope that the stain of Gender Fluid on the Society’s reputation will wash out. Here is a better title for the article; How Indulgent Parents ruin the Lives of their Children in order to get their Worlhal on with their Pals at Whole Foods.

Not too long ago, From the Editor featured a man who is famous for strumming a guitar and appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show 50 or so years ago. In addition to being a dabbler in vegetarianism Sir Paul hath been dubith an expert to the realm of court of global warmingisum that only a Trumpinstia heretic would dare deny.

Last month this feature depicted New York City’s former Mayor Micheal Bloomberg as a philanthropist. I would dare say a more accurate word association of Mr. Bloomberg would be globalist. The well moneyed Bloomberg is in league with and practices are identical to the nefarious modus operandi of George Sorso, the billionaire holocaust opportunist. Both scoundrels use their personal fortunes not to make a product or provide a service but instead strive to re-direct cultural norms by influencing the lives of the soft-minded, gullible, progressive, and oft violent masses. Bloomberg bank rolled his own mayoral campaigns that resulted in a 12 year reign to the tune of $260 million. He also picks up the $39 million tab for the operation of the emotion based propaganda machine Every-town for Gun Safety. Every-town espouses disinformation in an effort to seize firearms from law abiding citizens and prevent Americans from executing their God giving right of self-defense.

Goldberg admires her former boss because she like Bloomberg advocate MegaCities. The MegaCity concept is an off-shoot of the United Nation’s Agenda 2030. Agenda 2030 champions the cause for the massive reduction of the population of the rural areas and curtails private property ownership. This action is accomplish by stealth through the reduction of services and infrastructure maintenance in the hinterlands. The intent is to round-up all the self-reliant, and armed folks of fly-over country and put them in dense urbanized ghettos. Why? Because it is a better way to suppress the possibility of a rebellion and increase government dependency while under the watchful eye of police surveillance cameras, free health clinics, Section 8 and food stamps.

And then there was an outsourced article by a NPR (National Propaganda Radio) reporter covering the International Welfare Tourist Trade. She minimized Europe’s New Moslem Immigrants’ penchant to reside in balkanized, Tower of Babel enclaves as being no different that the quaint Little Italy's or China-towns of the 19th and 20th centuries. Seems to me that the Italians and Chinese did not establish NO-GO Zones. Instead they welcomed customers of the host nation, sought assimilation, were and are dole free. Moreover, the Chines AYCE buffet was not enhanced with FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) nor did anyone down at Luigi's every say, “Leave the severed head, take the cannoli.”

For the April ‘18 issue Goldberg departed on an Obamaeuqes, Nat Geo Apology Tour. She declared sorrow for the racist past of the National Geographic Society. To she, truth is blatant racist (or is she virtue signaling?). In the early 20th Century and in some cases today, tribal peoples were clad in loincloths and their noses had animal bone adornments. Therefore, publishing photographs with accurate depictions of subjects is racist.

While stumping for the April issue on race, Goldberg has prostrated herself in at of feet MSLSD’s Rev. Al Sharpton. Yes, the very same Al Sharpton that incited an Anti-Semitic arson/murder attack at Freddy’s Fashion Mart. And yes, the very same Sharpton who master-minded the fake rape of Tawana Brawley, so Goldberg’s Father Confessor has about as much claim of being a pastor let alone a journalist as he has in being heir to the throne of Wakanda.

For the May issue I would like to see Goldberg featured in a National Geographic Society’s, Great Expeditions where our heroine rides off into the sunset on a camel caravan. I heard Mother Jones’ is hiring.

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