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  • Jerome Ruebenawitz

Time to Quit, Mitt!

" I Caved you Won"

I certainly hope that the Utah GOP has more primary candidates to challenge Mitt Romney; otherwise, for first time in 18 years I will be voting for a Democrat because I prefer a known enemy at the gate than a RINO, pseudo-Patriot within. Shame on the party leadership for taking the “road most traveled”.

Mr. Romney is the establishment. He is the Bushes but lower on energy and higher on kindness and more genteel. He is the GOP’s Hillary with a roof mounted kennel; has carpetbag will travel. Secondly, he feels “owed” and demands that the rest of us agree. He is owed a senate seat as a consolation prize because he did not win the presidency. Romney, will settle, comprise, display timidity, and a willingness to accommodate in order to appease and please all comers. He will make Neville Chamberlain look like “Stonewall” Jackson. Of course this strategy is why he was whipped soundly by Barrack Hussein Obama (PBUH) the Manchurian that he later groveled to.

It is fairly obvious to see that Romney’s chief reason for running is to oppose the repeated successes and victories of President Trump. If you can’t beat ‘em, obfuscate and obstruct ‘em. Romney’s stance on firearms confiscation is akin to a weathervane that points in the direction of the politically expendiant winds. While not yet having been to Washington, Romney will fit right in with a binder full of his fellow open-borders, NeverTrumper, establishment Republican, swamp dwelling creatures in the likes of Collins, McCain, Murkowski, and Gramnesty.

Capitulation: The GOP Battle Cry

Romney, served as governor for one term in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, authored two books and is a very successful businessman who has acquired a net worth of 250 million dollars. Moreover, the Good Lord has blessed him with two dozen grandchildren. America’s founders never intended for an elite ruling class. Our early presidents served in office then returned to their farms and private lives. Ole Mitt should do the same.

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