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Facebook Penitentiary, the Big House

During a brief stint in the teaching profession, I learned from my students that in order to earn street cred’ one must have served time, and going to juve’ does not count. Many of them successfully accomplished their aspirations. I thought this was such a tragic waste of God’s greatest gift; life. I further mused a positive thought for the purpose of self denial, maybe just maybe these youngsters were merely venting false bravado.

Now having served time myself, I see it in a whole different light. I am close to being a “lifer.” Warden Cuckerberg warned me. Should I pound out one more sentence containing the words muzzie or tranny and that is it.. No Facebook for you!

I am proudly serving my second 30 day suspension in the FB Pen. It is a badge of honor in the info wars led by the enemy left of the mainstream media, academia, the Deep State and Democratic Party. So listen up fish and I’lls give ya the scoop on how you continue to fight the censorship of the globalist left while you’re in the cyber slammer.

Numbers one, don’t give up. Two, use a nom de guerre, That’s French for name of war, yas know an alias. Trees, make up a bunch for FB accounts. Alls ya needs is a bunch a emails. Don’t use a recovery phone number as them SJW coppers will trace it. This will keep the Scoros gang playin’ Wack A Mole fer months. Now gets out of here yas starting to bother me.

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