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Clean up, aisle seven!





Well, here we go again! While shopping at a grocery store a woman was murdered and 3 -4 others were seriously injured by a knife welding, imported ward of the state. Meanwhile, the Keystone Krauts still are searching for a possible motive. (Pssssstttttt, witnesses described the perpetrator as Psychotic, foreign looking and yelling "alIah Akbar!") The only good news is that standers by, young German men, actually pursued and detained the islamOterrorist who is now in custody.

Purposefully, German Chancellor Angela Merkel continues to invite unskilled, welfare dependent, jihad crazed, military aged male moslems into Germany. (Yea, yea we know Anderson "They're not all like that!" ). Merkel is a globalist who despises patriotism and any slight degree of nationalism. She is at war with her own nation. Her goal is continuous punishment of the Germany people for causing World War II almost 80 years ago. Germans born in 1999 are to be held accountable for what those born in 1899 did. Germany destroyed 65 million souls in the last century, so the best way to avoid a repeat of those horrors is to destroy Germany spiritually and culturally in this century goes the thinking of the ruling Euro-elites which is quite similar to the AmeriHaters that perpetuate and earn their bread on the 150 years in the past slavery issue. Every good socialist knows that when correctly applied through academia and agenda driven journalism "guilt" is the preferred weapon of mass distortion when it comes to controlling the masses.

In the 1970s the German government officials noted that the population growth rate was slowing. Other western nations made similar observations; or so went the ruse. The Germans first allowed chain migration from Turkey a second world moslem country. The intent was that the young Turks would quickly assimilate, sing Deutschland, Deutschland, Swill Chi at OctRamendonfest, don fez and lederhosen, marry Heidi, work service sector jobs and pay taxes into the government pension plan; that is a more or less a Ponzi scheme similar to social security that depends on a continuous supply of new patsies.

It didn't go that way. Chain migration facilitated the jilting of Heidi thus enabling Johnny Turk to send for and marry to his cousin from the Taurus Mountains (and of course she came with her parents and siblings who quickly went on welfare). The newcomers who were to bolster the economy and care for elder Germans quickly learned how to milk the system and isolate themselves into Little Ankaras on the Rhine . Then it got worse before it got more worster. What do good social ministries do in times of crises? They do what any good Chicago ward boss would do, exploit it. A crises requires more government and more civil servants.

Since, a million and a half Turks is just not enough, Germany rolled out the pray rug to just about any Infidel loathing third world-er who could swing a leg over a camel or creep into a leaky boat. Merkel's solution to The German Problem was a record number of 900,000 fakUgee/rapeUgees that came to Germany in 2015 and another 280,000 arrived in 2016.

The problem with open borders and multiculturalism is that you run out of your own people’s lives.

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