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The Senator's New Boobs

The former Olympian and Wheaties pitchman, formerly known as Bruce, but now self-identifies as Caitlyn Jenner is seeking a second of scoop of fifteen minutes by running for the Senate; in California of course.

What is both peculiar and amazing is that so many have no problem with referring to Jenner by his nome de fem. This is true even among those who would not be expected to be enamored with Jenner-Gendermania. The US Army even mentions the Obama (PBUH) liberated traitor-in-drag Bradley Manning as “Chelsea”. Do these people actually believe that Jenner and Manning really are women? If I change my name to Bullwinkle, move to Vermont, learn how eat watercress salad with my head submerged in a spring fed lake, and get augmented with detailed prosthetic antlers am I guaranteed a gig as Field & Stream’s next centerfold?

This cannot be dismissed as it goes much deeper than just Corporal Klinger on guard duty in a chiffon off-the-shoulder dress. This is cultural Marxism at its worst. It is a full assault on western civilization. The intent is norm replacement. This started 1995 during the UN world conference were the word “sex” was changed to “gender" as an act of respect for people with non-traditional orientation. Thus the slippery slope of pseudo-social science was copiously lubricated.

To avoid the inadvertent practice of this corrosive ideology, be very mindful that the terms “sex” and “gender” are not synonymous. Sex is defined as being male or female and is a result of your God given plumbing; whereas your “gender” is determined by how you “feel” at the present time.

In the course of human events, stupidity and evil are rarely an original idea. Lock step lemming like liberals are manipulating their own children in order to enhance and inflate their personal egos of false “enlightenment” and are hopeful to capture recognition and accolades from their equally deranged peer groups by giving boys dolls, painting their finger nails and providing girls with false beards and toy trucks. In Norway, children as young as seven are permitted to undergo sex change mutilation!

“Genderism is touted as new theory about a trans-humanity and trans-children. In reality it is a dogmatic ideology,” says Manuel Ochsenreiter a political analyst of the German magazine Zuerst . He added, that genderism ideology proclaims that social gender and social sex is a result of societal interactions and conditioning. Beside the roles of man or woman are many other roles from which to choose. Daniel Cohn-Bendit a former German kindergarten teacher and now a faction leader in the European Parliament's Greens Party said on French TV, “Little children are fantastically sexy.”

The genderists bemoan that heterosexuality and the nuclear family are oppressive. Bruce Bawler himself openly homosexual, disagrees. In his book, The Victims' Revolution; The Rise of Identity Studies and the Closing of the Liberal Mind, Bawler sees victimization or counter-oppression as a “hustle”.

So if you are not fortunate enough to belong to a minority/victim group, make one up. For example, otherwise unemployable professors use Gender Studies as a method disguised as a curriculum to legalize the illegal, legitimize the immoral, expand the practice of academic cronyism, advance a perversion, and shakedown the tax payer; resulting in a genteel labor pool of baristas and commandos for Starbucks and military special forces units.

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