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Deadly Sanctuary


Immediate action must be taken to avoid a repeat of a horrific loss of life as was discovered at a San Antonio Wal-Mart last Sunday. Approximately, 100 illegal aliens attempting to complete the last leg of a journey from Mexico and Guatemala loaded themselves into a 53 by 8 ½ feet wide Thermo King refrigerated trailer. What could possible go wrong; the finish line sprint originating in Laredo is just 160 miles distance? Everything, went wrong. None of the fellow travelers had water, the refrigeration unit was not in operation, and the outside temperature was over 90.

Why destination San Antonio? Ron Nirenberg is the city’s mayor and as such he and the powers that be are enablers of illegal immigration. The draw is in the form of free services and shelter from federal laws. San Antonio and numerous other neo-confederate cities capitalize on the desperate in an effort to justify the growth of government, increase census count, expand the democratic voters rolls and avail employers with a deep pool of low-wage compliant workers.

I use the term neo-confederate over “Sanctuary City” because it is much more accurate. A confederate is one who unilaterally declares and/or “cherry-picks” state or local law as superior to federal regulation. The harboring of a criminal is not providing sanctuary. I urge the US Attorney General to investigate scofflaw mayors and city councilmen as being culpable in neglect manslaughter.

Likewise, President Trump must strongly discuss with Presidente Enrique Peña Nieto the cessation of the Mexican government’s policy of encouraging his countrymen to illegally enter El Norte. In 2005 an official Mexican government publication was discovered. It is a “How to” pamphlet on the subject of getting in to America undiscovered.

Peña Nieto is as culpable as Nirenberg in the deaths.

Finally, to deter others the dead cannot be made into martyrs, and the survivors are not heroes. Nor are they victims as they made a choice. It turned out to be a bad choice with dire consequences. No one was forced into that trailer. Once stabilized repatriate the injured.

Moreover, the illegal aliens contributed a large amount of cash, possibly millions to the ruthless narco-terrorist cartel the Zetas. The proceeds from the Faustian bargain for the illusion of freedom can fuel the terror on those left behind and those who return.

Once the authorities conclude the investigation repatriate the survivors.

Secure borders save lives.

Mr. Trump, build that wall!

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