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Support President Trump: Contact your Congressional RINO.

"I didn't leave  the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left me."

President Reagan explained how he a once democrat did not leave the "party" the party left him. We maybe at a time as when neither party represents American values.

Dear Rep./Senator RINO:

Here are three accomplishment that must be meet by year's end.

- Full repeal of ObamaCare, as if it never happened.

- Build the WALL.

- Tax Reform with spending cuts, huuugggeee beautiful spending cuts.

I encourage you to get on board with President Trump, get this swamp drained and get your other Never Trumper colleagues to do likewise.

When Democrats win they fight, when they lose they fight. Today's Democrats are not just those with another viewpoint, they are driven by a failed communist manifesto. They despise success and merit. They seek to destroy not just America but Western Civilization as well.

I am disgusted with the constant capitulation of the timid Republican Party.

When you charge the hill and seize the high ground you do not open negotiations with the enemy.

I am no longer voting for a GOP candidate just because he is less worse than the Democrat. If there is an establishment, Never Trumper, Swamp loving, GOP candidate on ballot I will hold my nose and vote for the Democrat and then pray to God the Almighty that a bold Republican raises like a Phoenix in the next election cycle.

It took a Jimmie Carter to make a Ronald Reagan and a Barrack Hussein Obama (PBUH) to make my President, Mr. Donald J. Trump.

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